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Tanker Services and CCTV Drain Surveys in Wokingham | Your Questions Answered

Part of the A1 Group, A1 Wet Waste, established for over 15 years, has an excellent reputation and is one of the leading independent wet waste specialists in the UK. Located in Wokingham, we meet the needs of customers and clients across Berkshire, undertaking everything from septic tank emptying and drain repairs, to performing CCTV drain surveys and supplying portable loo hire services.

If you have issues with blocked drains, or if you require tanker services to empty a cesspit or septic tank, our professional team can provide you with an affordable solution.

This page answers some of the most frequent questions we receive from our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0118 989 4652 if you have any other questions about the services we provide in Wokingham and the surrounding areas.

Which services do you have available?

A1 Wet Waste specialises in drainage, wet waste management and tanker services. Blocked drains play an important part in our day-to-day work, as do drain repairs and investigative CCTV drain surveys. These are what most people would consider traditional drainage services. We differ from other drainage companies in the fact that while we’re still independent, we have the manpower and the coverage to trade as major players.

Tanker services from A1 Wet Waste include cesspit and septic tank emptying, and cesspit and septic tank cleaning.

Which areas do you cover?

We work out of Wokingham, so we are in an ideal location to supply you with wet waste, drainage and tanker services in all areas across Berkshire. Travelling throughout the region in our own fleet of vehicles, fitted with jet vacuumation equipment, our team can perform up to 40 cesspit and septic tank emptying procedures, per vehicle, in a single day.

We also clear blocked drains, perform drain repairs and undertake CCTV drain surveys in all local areas, but happily travel nationwide to deliver our services to you.

Are you a registered and qualified company?

Yes. We hold ISO14001, ISO9001 and OHSAS 18001 certification on environmental management, quality management and health and safety best practices. This accreditation helps us to comply with all relevant industry standards. We also have membership to the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) and trade as licensed wet waste carriers who meet current EA guidelines.

Use us for wet waste and tanker services with confidence.

Which types of equipment do you use?

When carrying out CCTV drain surveys in Wokingham to see whether you might need to use us for drain repairs, A1 Wet Waste uses self-levelling colour mini cams to locate problems; roots in the pipe work, or major obstructions causing blocked drains that we can clear with rods, jet washers or the onboard jet vacuumation systems fitted to our tanker fleet.

With tanker services, such as cesspit and septic tank emptying, we use combined sludge and dewatering tankers, the MOOS KSA system, to remove solid, wet and effluent waste.

Can I clear blocked drains myself?

If the blockage is small, this is sometimes possible. if you have a severe blockage, DIY practices won’t usually work. Should you feel unsure as to where the obstruction is, or if you do not have the appropriate equipment or experience, we recommend calling in a professional. Keep in mind that DIY rod systems could push an obstruction further into the pipe work of your Wokingham property to cause damage to the walls.

This could increase the potential for costlier drain repairs or, at the very least, will require one of our CCTV drain surveys so that we can locate the problem for you.

Do you provide a portable loo hire service?

We can supply you with portable loo hire in Wokingham, and throughout the UK, under the management of our sister company, A1 Loo Hire. Whereas A1 Wet Waste is very much a drainage company and a supplier of wet waste and tanker services, such as septic tank emptying and jet vacuumation for cleaning cesspits, A1 Loo Hire can supply individual or trailer units, and disabled toilets, for gatherings, gigs, festivals, outdoor events or for use by tradesmen and contractors on worksites.

Often, our two companies work together because some major events need a combination of portable loo hire and tanker services. We are happy to supply you with both.

Please visit our website gallerygallery.html to see our teams at work.

Call 0118 989 4652 for tanker services in the Wokingham area, or to arrange the clearance of blocked drains. We also perform drain repairs and CCTV drain surveys.

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