One of the UK’s leading integrated Waste Management Service Suppliers, Scrap Metal Dealers and Vehicle De-Pollution providers

Tanker Services, Drain Repairs and CCTV Drain Surveys in Woking

Based in Wokingham, A1 Wet Waste meets the needs of domestic, commercial and industrial customers across Woking and the surrounding Surrey area. From septic tank emptying and a full range of supporting tanker services, to CCTV drain surveys, drain repairs and the clearance of blocked drains, we deliver practical solutions which also extend to social gatherings, gigs, festivals and all other outdoor events.

With our unrivalled commitment to high standards of service, a dedication to the environment and a positive approach to customer care, customers and clients from all UK areas, as well as those from Woking, turn to A1 Wet Waste for wet waste management and tanker services they can genuinely trust.

10 Reasons to Choose A1 Wet Waste

1 – As one of the UK’s leading wet waste management companies, we have close to two decades of experience in blocked drains and in drain repairs. We were one of the first local businesses to perform CCTV drain surveys, and our tanker services in Woking include cesspit and septic tank emptying.

2 - We are proud to be a subsidiary of the A1 Group, a network of independent companies, established in 1971,specialising in wet waste management, portable toilet hire, metal recycling and vehicle depollution. Our sister companies reflect a universal approach to waste management and environmental care.

3 - The A1 Group, awarded a place in the 2017 Parliamentary Review, is a multifunctioning network using modern systems to clear blocked drains, and to perform CCTV drain surveys. Innovative thinking is a cornerstone of our company, and a credential reflected in our wet waste and tanker services.

4 - To deliver fast, efficient and affordable solutions to our customers in Woking, we monitor the industry’s latest technology and proactively invest into new equipment. This includes the MOOS KSA system, a combined tanker and dewatering unit used primarily for cesspit and septic tank emptying.

5 - We have an extensive client portfolio, having delivered wet waste and tanker services, cleared blocked drains and performed CCTV drain surveys for British Airways at Heathrow, Thames Water, the Glastonbury Festival and the Olympic Site in Stratford. We also include KFC in our prestigious client list.

6 - Cesspit and septic tank emptying in Woking requires the supplier of tanker services to have certain licenses. We have authority to collect, transport and dispose of wet waste, from blocked drains and tanks, in compliance with all current standards and legislation including guidelines set by the EA.

7 - A1 Wet Waste is a longstanding member of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS). FORS assists us in measuring performance, and to ensure we uphold best practices across our company at all times. Use us for drain repairs, CCTV surveys and tanker services with complete confidence.

8 - We have a unique nationwide and multisite approach, with depots in Wokingham, Coventry and Bridgend. This allows us to reach many of the UK’s largest outdoor events, and to also clear blocked drains, perform drain repairs and undertake CCTV drain surveys in individual areas too, including Woking.

9 - Our cesspit and septic tank emptying services include cleaning, one of our more important tanker services because a clean holding tank allows for visual inspections which could indicate worn seals or structural damage; two issues that could lead to the uncontrolled dispersal of wet waste.

10 - Our team holds vital ISO14001, ISO9001 and OHSAS 18001 certification as a framework on occupational health and safety best practice. Personnel receive ongoing training in the clearance of blocked drains, drain repairs and CCTV drain surveys in Woking, keeping our clients and the public safe.

Call A1 Wet Waste on 0118 989 4652 for drain repairs, CCTV drain surveys and septic tank emptying. We have tanker services available in all Woking areas.

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