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Drain Repairs, Jet Vacuumation and Loo Hire in Slough

A1 Wet Waste has many different services available for prospective customers and clients in the Slough area to consider. Drain repairs and portable loo hire are two of our more traditional solutions but we also specialise in jet vacuumation for cesspit cleaning and septic tank emptying projects across Berkshire. Our company even performs CCTV drain surveys, a process that utilises modern equipment to establish the causes behind blocked drains.

This page provides a whistle-stop breakdown of our main wet waste services.

Portable Loo Hire

We’ve built a business reputation on the standard of our portable loo hire services. Our company supplies mains and chemical toilets in Slough for a range of different purposes. From construction companies to festival organisers, A1 Wet Waste has a diverse client base and delivers single units, multiple units, urinals and disabled toilets to site in any quantity.

What makes our portable loo hire services different to those of our competitors in the Slough and Berkshire areas is the provision of staff throughout the rental period to clean units and replenish stock. If demand for toilet use increases during a project or an event, we respond quickly by bringing more units to site and positioning them exactly where you need them.

Portable loo hire services extend to the rental of shower facilities, wet rooms and welfare trailers – all of which contribute to a better working environment, or a more successful outdoor event.

Blocked Drains

A1 Wet Waste specialises in the clearance of blocked drains and most of our jobs in Slough require little more than some basic rodding work or high-pressure jet washing. Sometimes, accumulation of scale along the pipe work walls, or structural damage from tree roots, results in our technicians quoting for drain repairs. To establish the causes of blocked drains and the potential for repairs, we perform CCTV drain surveys using state-of-the-art equipment.

To avoid blocked drains, we recommend that you avoid flushing non-disposable items, such as baby wipes and nappies, down the toilet. Also, try to be careful with food waste. Fat soon builds up in the plumbing and drainage system to restrict the flow of water.

Drain repairs in Slough often require detailed excavation but modern CCTV drain surveys eliminate much of the upheaval associated with work of this kind. A1 Wet Waste creates a bore hole and introduces mobile recording equipment into the drainage pipe work. This equipment relays still and moving images to above-ground devices which we present to the customer.

In most cases, CCTV drain surveys indicate simple reasons behind blocked drains in Slough. If we find extensive damage, our company compiles a detailed quotation for drain repairs.

Jet Vacuumation

Our tanker services use the latest jet vacuumation technology to provide customers with cesspit cleaning and septic tank emptying services. Some properties in the Slough area have effluent waste collection facilities that don’t connect to the sewerage mains. These are frequently homes or farms in rural areas outside of Slough itself. While cesspits and septic tanks have similarities, the latter partially treats effluent waste, but the former doesn’t.

A cesspit, a sealed underground unit, only collects waste. Under the 1936 Public Health Act, it is the home or landowners’ responsibility to stop cesspits from overfilling.

Jet vacuumation is the perfect remedy for your cesspit cleaning needs.

A septic tank stores solid waste at the bottom of the installation but has a second chamber which disperses liquid into a soak away. While this is a treatment process as such, the installation will still need regular septic tank emptying to clear solid waste. We recommend that you book in for jet vacuumation on septic tanks at annual intervals.

You should arrange jet vacuumation for cesspit cleaning in Slough at intervals or 45 days or so, or as needed on installations used frequently during outdoor events.

  • Tailored portable loo hire packages for events of any size, or for worksites with contractors present
  • Modern jet vacuumation systems for cesspit emptying and septic tank cleaning in all rural areas near Slough
  • Innovative CCTV drain surveys to establish the causes of blocked drains and to identify pipe work damage
  • A combination of “no-dig” and excavational drain repairs to restore the condition and integrity of pipe work
  • Supporting wet waste management services delivered to you by one of the most experience companies in Berkshire

Contact A1 Wet Waste on 0118 989 4652 and let us know your requirements. We cover Slough with cesspit cleaning, septic tank emptying and CCTV drain survey services.

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