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Loo Hire, Cesspit Emptying and CCTV Drain Surveys in Reading

Trading out of Wokingham, A1 Wet Waste proudly covers the large historical minster town of Reading. Prospective customers in the area already know us well for our wet waste management services, which include portable loo hire, cesspit emptying and drain repairs. Our regular investment into the industry’s latest innovation also makes us Reading’s preferred choice for CCTV drain surveys – a service that eliminates extensive investigation work. We operate on behalf of private customers, businesses, event organisers and more.

Our wet waste professionals and CCTV drainage contractors also provide traditional services, such as the clearance of blocked drains, and offer a septic tank cleaning service to optimise the condition and functionality of underground sewage collection systems.

As you can see, we’re about so much more than just loo hire. In fact, A1 Wet Waste operates as part of the prestigious A1 Group; the largest independent collective of its kind. When you choose us to handle your wet waste management needs, you do so knowing we’re an industry-leading business with a first-class reputation.

Below, we look at some of the core services we supply to Reading customers in more detail.

Portable Loo Hire

Any occasion or event with people in attendance requires clean toilet facilities with enough capacity to cope with the turnout. A1 Wet Waste owes its reputation to portable loo hire and we’ve already covered some of the UK’s biggest outdoor events including the Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds, Rewind and Park Life festivals. Our company has a sufficient stock of loo hire cubicles available to cope with any level of demand, and we offer a full supporting range of products.

Our portable loo hire service includes single units, trailers and standalone urinals. We also supply disabled toilet facilities, shower units and wet rooms to events in the Reading area.

Throughout the duration of your outdoor event, A1 West Waste monitors usage and brings extra units to site if demand increases. We even keep personnel onsite to provide portable loo hire facilities with continuous cleaning and stock replenishment. Some companies in Reading leave these requirements to the customer. A1 Wet Waste understands you’ll want to enjoy an event as much as those attending so we take the hard work out of your hands.

Cesspit Emptying

Some outdoor venues in Reading and Berkshire have facilities in place for the collection of effluent waste. As an event progress, the facilities begin to fill and often require emptying several times before people start to leave site. A1 Wet Waste offers a cesspit emptying and septic tank cleaning service to keep facilities in a sanitary condition. We have a sizeable vehicle fleet kept on standby to make as many visits to your event site as you need.

Cesspit emptying is a fast, effective service that sees our driver/operators connecting to the tank and transferring effluent waste onto a tanker with a large collection capacity. Even if you have multiple cesspits or septic tanks onsite, we can usually clear them all in a single convenient visit.

We also offer a tank and cesspit emptying service for those living in rural locations around Reading. This is a beneficial option for anybody with a non-connected sewerage system.

After an event, A1 Wet Waste offers return visits to provide cesspit and septic tank cleaning services. Heavy use over a short period of time, even with a regular cesspit emptying service, leaves tanks with sludge-like deposits that not only smell, but which also affect the integrity and the ongoing performance of the installation.

Cesspit cleaning and septic tank cleaning clear these deposits.

For those in rural areas of Reading who have facilities onsite for daily use, we recommend a septic tank cleaning service at suitable intervals based on capacities and frequency of use.

CCTV Drain Surveys

Leave blocked drains unattended and you do more than just risk the potential welfare of those using nearby properties and toilet facilities. You also risk irreversible damage to the system. The cost of large-scale drain repairs should be enough to encourage a prompt clearance but sometimes, underground issues with growing tree roots and the build-up of scale cause damage all the same. This is where our CCTV drainage contractors can help.

A1 Wet Waste performs CCTV drain surveys in the Reading area as an investigative measure to establish the reasons behind blocked drains, the extent of any damage caused, and the measures required, to undertake drain repairs in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Our CCTV drainage contractors use innovative technology for this type of work.

To conduct CCTV drain surveys, we bore into the drainage system and introduce a mobile device that records footage as it moves through the pipe work via a remote control. After a survey, we show the recorded footage to our Reading customers to give them a clear indication of why they suffer from blocked drains, and to highlight any drain repairs needed.

We also recommend CCTV drain surveys for those who wish to purchase a property in the area, and who would prefer to know if their system is in a good state of repair. The CCTV drainage contractors at A1 Wet Waste record footage to DVD at the customer’s request.

Contact A1 Wet Waste on 0118 989 4652 and let us know your requirements. We cover Reading with loo hire, cesspit emptying and drain repair services.

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