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CCTV Drainage Contractors in Newbury

Meet the team at A1 Wet Waste, the professional choice for wet waste services across the whole of the Newbury area. Based in Wokingham, we use the talents of CCTV drainage contractors to establish the causes of blocked drains. A CCTV drain survey is a modern service that utilises some of the most innovative technology available to our sector. Ideally suited to properties with connected sewerage systems, CCTV surveys offer a full investigation into blocked drains without excavating the surrounding land and causing major disruption.

Some jobs close to Newbury, but in more rural areas, require different wet waste services. One of these services is cesspit emptying for those with non-connected sewerage systems.

A1 Wet Waste understands that its clients need access to a full and professional service range, which is why we cater for those both inside and outside of Newbury. This page looks at the services of our CCTV drainage contractors first, and their modern approach to resolving issues with blocked drains, and then moves on to cesspit emptying and cleaning.

CCTV Drain Surveys | Modern Inspection Services

Advances in CCTV technology give A1 Wet Waste the opportunity to investigate blocked drains, sewerage systems and pipe work in detail. Our CCTV drainage contractors use state-of-the-art cameras and software to inspect the installation, and to provide Newbury customers and clients with a detailed report. A survey alerts us to the causes of blocked drains and to structural issues such as fractures, collapses and intrusive root growth.

CCTV investigations, and our supporting wet waste services, suit all domestic, commercial and industrial installations, as well as civil engineering infrastructures for utilities.

Book a survey now and avoid the potential for costlier drainage repairs in the future.

All CCTV drainage contractors employed by A1 Wet Waste work to Water Industry standards and gather consistent, reliable information about underground systems. Data collected from CCTV surveys goes into a comprehensive report that details the system’s condition, invert levels, connections and flow directions. Based on the information obtained, we offer an itemised quotation for clearing blocked drains, or for performing repairs at Newbury properties.

Suitable for operation in pipe work with diameters of 75mm to 2000mm, our regular and pan-and-tilt cameras survey the system, travel up to 30m and use satellite technology to relay a stream to units manned by our team of CCTV drainage contractors. This helps us to investigate damaged and blocked drains without having to dig out the affected area.

As far as wet waste services go, this is one of the most modern and innovative available to our customers.

Cesspit Emptying Services | Registered Waste Carriers

Newbury has many surrounding areas with non-connected sewerage systems and some of the properties in these locations have cesspits (or, sometimes, septic tanks). A cesspit is a sealed unit that collects effluent waste but doesn’t treat it. Locations close to ditches, streams and surface water drains with unsuitable ground conditions for a septic tank often use a cesspit instead. Property owners in these areas have a direct need for cesspit emptying services.

We stress that you should only have cesspit emptying undertaken by a registered service provider operating around Newbury that disposes of solid waste and effluent at a registered site. Our wet waste services meet these criteria to inspire confidence amongst our customers and clients.

The size of the installation, the number of people in a household and the amount of water usage determines how often you’ll need a cesspit emptying service. Typically, cleaning falls at intervals of 45 days. As the property owner, you have a responsibility to only use registered, licensed wet waste services, and to check tank levels regularly.

The 1936 Public Health Act makes it an offence to overfill a cesspit. We recommend that you only use biologically safe cleaning products for everyday household use.

Do not allow hazardous, flammable or medical liquids to enter a cesspit.

A1 Wet Waste is Newbury’s trusted choice for wet waste services and fully registered to perform cesspit emptying. Organising a visit from our team couldn’t be easier and, if you can let us know the capacity of your installation over the phone, we can send the correct size of tanker to your property to manage the cleaning and the waste removal work.

We politely ask that you keep manholes clear to enable easy access for our team.

Contact A1 Wet Waste on 0118 989 4652 and let us know your requirements. We cover Newbury with CCTV survey and cesspit emptying services.

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