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Portable Loo Hire in High Wycombe | A Key Part of our Wet Waste Management Services

The Buckinghamshire town of High Wycombe is a key service area for the team at A1 Wet Waste. Working out of Wokingham as a portable loo hire specialist with a full supporting range of modern wet waste services, we meet the needs of domestic customers, business clients, organisations, construction companies and event organisers. We also operate as CCTV drainage contractors to support our work on connected and non-connected sewerage systems, which includes cesspit emptying and septic tank cleaning.

Most people think of portable loo hire as a wet waste service for outdoor events. Our involvement in some of the UK’s best-known music festivals makes this preconception partially true. Even so, we still provide loo hire in High Wycombe for many other reasons, including use at private parties, social gatherings, exhibitions and worksites.

The benefits of portable loo hire include:

  • Full supply service in High Wycombe and all locations across Buckinghamshire
  • All units and trailers steam cleaned before delivery for optimal sanitation
  • Prompt delivery and collection, in any quantity, with considerate placement
  • Regular servicing, cleaning and replenishment throughout the hire period
  • Personalised service delivery from the customer-focused A1 Wet Waste team

A1 Wet Waste is more than just a company of wet waste handlers and CCTV drainage contractors. We have the appropriate licenses and accreditation in place to transport, process and dispose of wet waste, and effluents, in a safe, controlled manner with minimal environmental impact.

If you have an ongoing construction project in the High Wycombe area without connected toilet facilities, a portable loo hire service provides your workforce with a clean and comfortable alternative. A1 Wet Waste supplies mains and chemical toilets to the trade, to those undertaking DIY projects, and to customers involved in work on self-builds.

Special events in and around High Wycombe also benefit from our loo hire services, including weddings, anniversaries, tournaments and, of course, gigs and music festivals.

Some sites won’t need portable loo hire if they have an effluent waste collection and treatment facility in place, such as a cesspit or a septic tank. A1 Wet Waste has a sizeable vehicle fleet with tankers available in multiple sizes to handle your cesspit emptying needs – either on a scheduled basis, or on demand if you are holding a major event or gathering.

The Role of our CCTV Drainage Contractors

All services provided by A1 Wet Waste tie in carefully with each other. While loo hire in High Wycombe tends to be more of a standalone service, cesspit emptying and cleaning paves the way for investigative surveys. Our CCTV drainage contractors cross the boundaries of connected and non-connected sewerage systems by using innovative mobile equipment to relay images of damage from pipe work structures, from cesspits and from septic tanks.

If you plan on buying a property in High Wycombe, always invest into a CCTV drain survey. Our CCTV drainage contractors use regular and pan-and-tilt mini cams, in connected structures with diameters of between 75mm to 2000mm, which can travel in lengths of up to 30m. A1 Wet Waste provides customers and clients with electronic copies, still pictures of items of interest, a colour-coded report, a summary of findings and a quotation for repairs with material costs included.

We also survey non-connected systems but recommend a full cesspit emptying and cleaning service before the investigation begins to yield the best possible results.

A survey from our CCTV drainage contractors could unearth potential problems with blockages, scale, pipe work damage and intrusive root growth. The report allows for the drainage system’s condition, invert levels, connections and flow directions. A1 Wet Waste performs CCTV drain surveys in all High Wycombe areas on both a proactive and reactive basis.

Contact A1 Wet Waste on 0118 989 4652 and let us know your requirements. We cover High Wycombe with portable loo hire, CCTV survey and cesspit emptying services.

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