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CCTV Drain Surveys in Camberley, Farnham and Windsor

A1 Wet Waste is a wet waste management company located in Wokingham. Our central Berkshire location provides us with fast and easy access into the surrounding Camberley, Farnham and Windsor areas, where we perform CCTV drain surveys. If you suspect a blockage or damage to the drainage system, a prompt inspection and diagnosis results in cost-effective maintenance and repair work. We are proud to cover the South East region as CCTV drainage contractors with a key range of services that begin with analytic surveys.

We have the experience and the knowledge required to not only identify issues within drainage pipework, but to also deliver an effective solution at a competitive price.

Our company invests heavily into modern equipment for every element of its business. This helps us to deliver a better standard of service to customers and clients in the Camberley, Farnham and Windsor areas. Our CCTV drain surveys reflect this investment and allow us to provide real-time reporting on blockages, damage and structural issues inside pipe work.

Compared to excavation and manual inspection, CCTV drain surveys offer a faster, cleaner and more efficient alternative that reduce disruption, upheaval and unwelcome mess.

There are several different ways for A1 Wet Waste to assist you with a survey:

Inspections for Damage

Investment into modern equipment and software allows us to provide homeowners and businesses in Camberley, Farnham, Windsor and the surrounding areas with a virtual, real-time reports. Mobile recording devicesentered into the pipework through a small bore hole perform our CCTV drain surveys and stream data to an above-ground unit. The process to compile this data into our inspection report starts before we’ve even left your property.

Our offices in Wokingham have support managers providing technical assistance for our field teams, and who analyse even the most challenging cases with total efficiency.

Because the technology behind CCTV drain surveys helps us to reach a faster conclusion, A1 Wet Waste soon has the results of each inspection available for viewing online, as a printed copy or on DVD. We can use the information in our reports to provide you with an itemised quotation, including any associated labour and material costs, for drainage system repairs.

Buying Surveys

The decision to buy a property in Camberley, Farnhamor Windsor will be significant in financial terms. The discovery of an underlying drain age issue caused by a breakdown in the structure or the growth of tree roots could turn one of the happiest experiences in your life into one of abject misery. All advance planning should include CCTV drain surveys. This gives buyers an insight into integrity of the system and the potential for future difficulties.

Blockages and breakages cause water to disperse into the surrounding land. Ultimately, without a timely repair, this frequently results in drain collapses, subsidence issues and problems with pooling water – all of which lead to unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

Vendor Surveys

A1 Wet Waste performs CCTV drains surveys for those in Camberley, Farnham, Windsor and the surrounding South East region who have properties to sell. A damaged drain found during a buyer survey could delay or stop a sale, and potentially reduce the asking price for a property if the purchaser has to absorb the cost of repairs. It is nearly always more cost-effective to have the survey performed yourself and to pay for any drain repairs needed.

Nothing is more frustrating for a seller than having a potential deal in place only for CCTV drain surveys to reveal a problem that causes a potential buyer to withdraw their offer.

Build-Over Surveys

If you run a construction company or own a home that requires an extension, please be aware that water authorities in Camberley, Farnham and Windsor demand CCTV drain surveys whenever you build over or adjacent to their assets. It is vitally important that any new build or extension doesn’t conceal a drain age defect. A1 Wet waste works closely with private customers and the trade to fulfil their obligations to local and water authorities.

CCTV drain surveys identify faults before building work commences and allow for any necessary repairs. They also ensure works won’t cause long or short-term asset damage.

Contact A1 Wet Waste on 0118 989 4652 and let us know your requirements. We cover Camberley, Farnham and Windsor with CCTV drain surveys.

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