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Drain Clearances, CCTV Surveys and Portable Loo Hire in Berkshire | A Complete Service

A1 Wet Waste, located in Wokingham, is a proud subsidiary of the A1 Group and an equally proud supplier of wet waste management and tanker services. From the clearance of blocked drains using modern jet vacuumation technology that provides our customers with cesspit emptying or septic tank emptying services, to the provision of shower, wet room and portable loo hire for events and gatherings across Berkshire, we have the needs of our customers covered from every conceivable angle.

Because we also trade as CCTV drainage contractors and have modern mini cams available to perform investigative CCTV drain surveys, there is nothing at all in the field of wet waste management that we can’t handle on a personable level or, indeed, on a genuine professional basis.

Our location in Wokingham makes A1 Wet Waste the obvious choice for services in the Berkshire area, but we can offer full regional coverage across the South East or on a nationwide scale. Our name is synonymous with the annual festival in nearby Reading, and with its sister festival in Leeds, thanks to the portable loo hire, cesspit emptying and septic tank emptying services we have provided to both events in the past.

We can attend major events multiple times over their duration to provide a jet vacuumation service that keeps onsite facilities in a clean, sanitary condition.

For domestic customers who have issues with blocked drains, and for prospective homebuyers and sellers in Berkshire who need CCTV drain surveys to identify potential issues with a purchase or a sale, our field teams and our CCTV drainage contractors are here to provide a full report on current infrastructure condition and integrity.

It’s safe to say that A1 Wet Waste is the complete service provider, and one that trades with full network support from the prestigious A1 Group.

Blocked Drains – Water backing up into toilets, sinks and basins, and the unwelcome appearance of pooling water around outside drainage points, both point to an issue with blocked drains. Unpleasant odours, slow drainage and gurgling noises from plugholes also indicate potential blockages.

A1 Wet Waste responds quickly to your call. We travel to all locations in Berkshire to offer a clearance service that restores water flow around your home or business.

CCTV Drain Surveys – If we can’t clear blocked drains with rods or high-pressure jet washers, our company can dispatch its own CCTV drainage contractors to perform detailed surveys, provide customers with accurate reports of their underground system and compile quotations for the cost of repairs.

CCTV drain surveys can reveal major blockages caused my nappies, wipes and foreign objects, serious silt and lime scale issues, structural damage or tree root intrusion.

Cesspit Emptying – Because cesspits don’t have the treatment facilities needed to process solid and wet waste in the same way as septic tanks, homeowners and landowners in Berkshire need to have them emptied more regularly. A1 Wet Waste advises that you book in for cesspit cleaning every 45 days or so.

Cleaning intervals can vary based on the tank size and capacity. We use jet vacuumation to clear cesspits of waste in a clean, controlled and hygienic manner.

Septic Tank Emptying – Septic tanks have basic processing facilities which treat solid and wet waste. These facilities discharge the effluent into a soak away. This slows the amount of time it takes fill the installation, so most property owners only need to book in for septic tank emptying annually.

Again, we use jet vacuumation as our preferred method to empty septic tanks. A1 Wet Waste also covers Berkshire with a cesspit and septic tank cleaning service.

Portable Loo Hire – A vital service for the public, for contractors, for event organisers and for anybody with an obligation to provide facilities for guests, attendees and workforces. We can combine portable loo hire with the additional rental of disabled facilities, showers, wet rooms and welfare units.

Our company can also assign attendants to events in Berkshire to keep facilities clean, and consumable items replenished, throughout their duration.

  • A1 Wet Waste can clear blocked drains for customers in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors
  • Trained CCTV drainage contractors perform CCTV drain surveys using self-levelling mini cams with colour filming
  • We have tankers fitted with jet vacuumation facilities for your cesspit emptying and septic tank emptying needs
  • Choose our portable loo hire services with confidence knowing we have enough units available to meet demand
  • Our company covers all locations in Berkshire including the Bracknell, Reading, Slough and Wokingham areas

Call A1 Wet Waste on 0118 989 4652. We are experienced clearance and CCTV drainage contractors for all locations in the Berkshire area..

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